The P4 parking lot network of Shenzhen Airport has opened a ride hailing parking area

2023-05-12 10:26

The newly built P4 remote social vehicle parking area at Shenzhen Airport has officially been put into operation, adding nearly 1200 remote social parking space resources to better serve passenger travel.

The newly built P4 remote parking lot at Shenzhen Airport is located at the intersection of Guiding Sign Fourth Road and Airport Second Road, approximately 2.5 kilometers away from Terminal T3. It includes more than 1800 ride hailing parking areas, social parking spaces, and bus parking spaces. The ride hailing parking area was put into operation on August 1 of this year. After the opening of the P4 social parking area, nearly 1200 new social parking spaces will be added, along with 130 DC charging stations and 150 AC charging stations, restaurants, drinking water areas, rest areas, restrooms, and other facilities, greatly improving the airport's ground parking service supply capacity and providing passengers and ride hailing drivers with a more convenient and comfortable environment.

Due to the distance between the P4 remote parking lot and the T3 terminal, Shenzhen Airport has shuttle buses between the P4 parking lot and the airport ground transportation center, providing passengers with 24-hour free shuttle service. The connecting platforms between P4 parking lot and T3 terminal are set up outside the 16th gate of the airport ground transportation center and in the shuttle boarding area of P4 remote parking lot. The departure interval between the two platforms is 5-10 minutes per shift. In the future, Shenzhen Airport will continue to increase capacity and adjust departure schedules based on passenger volume to meet passenger travel needs.

At the same time, the P4 remote parking lot has achieved full coverage of multiple "senseless payment" methods. In terms of fees, the P4 social parking area follows the current charging standards for outdoor parking services at Shenzhen Airport. Subsequently, under the guidance of relevant government departments, Shenzhen Airport will implement differentiated charging based on the distance between parking lots and terminal buildings. P4 social parking lots, as long-term parking areas, will implement relatively low charging standards according to the principle of "charging prices lower than near end parking lots", promote the linkage operation of near and far end parking lots, and achieve a balance between passenger parking demand and parking lot resource guarantee level.

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